Electronic Tobacco and E-Cigarettes: Common Questions and Answers

Electronic Tobacco and E-Cigarettes: Common Questions and Answers

Welcome to Electric Tobacconist USA on the internet. If you’re a tobacco fan just like me, then that is one stop for all you smoking needs. Whether you’ve got a cigarette for the rest you will ever have or you’re just a casual smoker attempting to kick that bad habit, we are able to assist you to. From cigars, lighters, electronic cigarettes, and even electronic juice boxes, all you need is right here in the comfortable surroundings of your own home.

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At Electric Tobacconist, we believe everyone ought to be treated equally beneath the law and which includes you. That’s why you can expect two different payment methods, one being our basic refundable charge. You might be wondering what the basic refundable charge is. Here it goes:

All products we sell at Electric Tobacconist are 100% legal as long as you are buying them for personal use or even to use in conjunction with prescribed smoking cessation medications, such as for example Zyban or Prozac. Some of our products include but aren’t limited to, electric cigarettes, vaporizers, cigar humidifiers, pipe smokers, water smokers, hookah pens, electronic refill tablets, and nicotine gum. While most of these products are specifically offered for sale by us, many of them are not applicable in every states, including, but not limited to, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. In the event that you live in any other state, the laws on smoking in your particular state changes.

As well as the products themselves, we provide a full line of support for all customers, including aftercare information, advice, and customer support. There is even a protracted warranty on quite a few smoking cessation products, including our own electric tobacconist equipment. Our support team is available as soon as you order to as soon as you leave our shop. For those who have questions, concerns, or need assistance, we’ll make certain you’re able to get in touch with someone that will help.

The most frequent reason behind delayed orders placed by our customers is poor address information. In case you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, it is possible to always call our toll free number and speak to a customer representative. They’ll be able to show you through any issues or concerns you might have. Because our business days are typically very busy, it may take longer for your order to be processed than normal, but we of professionals will continue to work quickly to make sure your orders are placed promptly without any delays because of address issues.

The next most common reason for a delayed delivery is due to an incorrect or invalid email address. Most e-commerce sites require that you enter a valid email during checkout. If your email does not qualify, your order could be delayed until you let us know. Let us know as quickly as possible, so we can try to find a match for you. In most cases, we will look for a match for you personally within 15 business days.

The ultimate most common reason behind a delayed delivery is basically because the recipient’s billing or shipping information will not apply. This may happen if the recipient’s information is incomplete or inaccurate. This is another situation where it might take longer for the order to be processed, but we are able to get you on the way as soon as possible. Tell us as quickly as possible, including, but not limited to, billing and shipping addresses, as well as your payment method. We can then check to see whether this service is otherwise made available to you. In most cases, it’ll be.

For example, e Cigarettes aren’t ordinarily made available to minors, even when you utilize Electric Tobacconist a valid, current age verification to create a purchase. However the Cigarettes and vaporizers are regulated by the same federal laws that regulate adult beverages, so they are subject to the same age verification requirements as other tobacco and alcohol products are. So, if you want to take pleasure from smoking, e Cigarettes, vaporizers, hookahs, and pipes certainly are a great way to take action legally while being conscious of the dangers of smoking. So when you choose an electric tobacconist, you’ll get those same benefits without hassles.